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Euromos was an important city in ancient times, after Mylasa (now Milas). The name of the city was “Cyramos” or “Hyramos” in the 5th century BC. Euromos is mentioned in inscriptions and by ancient writers from the second century B.C. The Greek form “Euromos” meaning “Strong” is likely to be adapted as part of the policy of Hellenization by Mausolos.  Although the city is ruined the remains of the Temple of Zeus in Euromos are among  some of the best preserved monuments in Asia. It is of the  Corinthian order with 6 by 11 columns and dates from the second century AD, no later than the time of Hadrian (A.D. 117-138).There are remnants of the ancient city walls on the hill above the temple and in a recess of the hill nearby the theatre is barely discernible through olive grove that now has taken over the site.
Zeus temple
Zeus temple           Zeus temple
Zeus temple Zeus temple
Corinthian capital ampitheatre euromos
Remains of ampitheatre