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Selçuk is a vibrant authentic Turkish market town on the Aegean coast.

2km from Ephesus, archaeologically it is the most important site in Turkey and a perfect place to experience everything Turkish.  It has a great climate in all seasons.
The house is in a quiet location 5 minutes walk from the centre of town. 

Selçuk has many small restaurants and shops.

The weekly Saturday market in Selcuk is renowned as one of the best in Turkey. It is huge and an absolute must to visit.
Stunning 15km long quiet sandy beach 

Pamucak beach, only 3km from the town can be  reached easily by car or on the frequent local dolmus (bus).

Other places in town worth visiting are
the Selçuk  Ephesus museum. Displayed here are many of the finds excavated from Ephesus, including numerous Artemis statues and a bronze statue of Eros riding a dolphin.  
st johns basilica
Other archaeological sites

Include St John's Basilica and Byzantine castle, the Artemis temple, the Seven Sleepers Church, the Virgin Mary's House (recently visited by the Pope!)and the Isa Bey Mosque. 
The star attraction however is unquestionably Ephesus, just 2km from Selcuk, genuinely to be ranked as one of the wonders of the ancient world.

Click here for slideshow of Selcuk and other sights to see