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Tas Evi, Selcuk, Izmir

Above Selcuk, nestling amongst  traditional houses lies Tas Evi. An oasis of calm, style and relaxation.
It is a unique house fashioned in traditional style with beautiful stone walls and woodwork with huge windows and a very individual ambience.

It enjoys stunning panoramic views from its terraces across the ancient town to Ephesus, St John's Basilica,and the byzantine castle to the sea.

All the rooms are air conditioned and the house benefits from a pool, a Finnish sauna and central heating. A welcoming selection of provisions is provided 

Taş Evi is the perfect location to enjoy a wonderful  holiday on the Aegean in Western Turkey. (Photo gallery)

Explore from here the numerous antiquities and archaeological sites of Western Turkey, as well as enjoying the nearby coast and mountains.

Superb 4-bedroom luxurious holiday rental

 with private pool and sauna

Tas Evi  Selçuk  Western Turkey

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